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Unlikely Romance - A DBZ FanFic by Eric Jacobson
Dragonball Z - Unlikely Romance - Chapter 7
The Kidnapped Saga - Episode 20 - Time To Go Home

When Vegeta opened his eyes, he quickly took in the scene and tried to piece together the events of the last few moments. He had been carrying Bulma and Rico out of the base, and just when they came upon the main exit the explosion's shockwave caught up to them, throwing them out of the tunnel and more or less to safety. Rico lay next to him, unconcious but still breathing, and Bulma still had a tight grip on his waist, holding herself close to him and whimpering. They were all alright.

"Vegeta. Is... Is it over?" Bulma opened her eyes and looked at the entrance from which they had just came. It was now engulfed in flames, and smoke was pouring into the sky. Looking upwards, she saw what was left of the mountain's peak, also smoking like crazy. "Geez, Vegeta. You sure were subtle. You can't even tell you were here."

"Very funny, woman. But the fact remains. The Amazon threat is gone. I suppose a mountain top is worth that." He turned to her and smiled. "And it's certainly worth your safety."

"Vegeta..." Bulma could only blush. Though the typical carnage that followed Vegeta around was present, it all seemed worth it this time. She was in fact OK, and so was Mizuki, not to mention the Saiyan race in an entirely different dimension. Not bad for a selfish, egotistical royal pain in the ass. Her flush ended quickly, though, as she turned her attention to Vegeta's interdimensional sibling. "Rico! Is he alright?"

It took them a few moments, but they managed to wake the valiant Saiyan from his state of unconciousness. As his eyes opened, he saw Vegeta and Bulma sitting next to him. The latter was all smiles, happy to see him awake and alright. And the former, well, he'd grown to miss his brother's scowl after he was killed. Seeing it again made him smile. "Did we do it? Did we win? Where's the Amazon?"

"You should rest now. The Amazon has been destroyed, I've seen to that one personally." Vegeta was always matter-of-fact about these sort of things. "You can go back to your dimension and tell your comrades that the Amazon threat is over."

"That's good to hear. Speaking of my dimension..." He reached into his pocket and pulled out the dimensional travel device he'd been carrying. "You know, I thought for sure that I'd be taking that beast back there with me. Knowing that he won't be coming back is an unexpected bonus. I can't thank you enough, Vegeta."

"Hrmph." The Saiyan Prince was never big on recieving thanks, as it was rare that he ever heard those words spoken to him before, aside from Bulma and her incessant chattering about this and that.

"I'll take that as a 'you're welcome' then, alright? Anyway, I've got to be going back. We've got alot of rebuilding to do there." He looked over to his brother, and to the woman that he knew his brother loved. "You two are something else, you know that?"

"What do you mean, Rico?" Bulma looked at him inquisitively, wondering what exactly he meant.

"Well, I can't really say for sure. But if you and Vegeta have bonded... Let's just say that I've got a feeling you two are going to have one heck of a ride through life." Smiling, he hugged Bulma and turned his attention to Vegeta. "And you."

"Look. I'm not one for emotional drivel, so you can just keep your goodbyes to yourself." Ever the snappy crab, Vegeta barked out his response. After a short pause, he relaxed a bit and spoke again. "Though I may have no brother in this dimension, I'm proud to have one in yours. You and your compatriots fought like true Saiyan warriors, and I commend you. You have earned your victory, and earned it well."

A single tear welled up in Rico's eye, but he held it back and brushed it away. He didn't want his long lost brother to see his emotion. He thought it funny, though. While he was trying to do what Vegeta normally would have done in hiding his feelings, he saw that Vegeta himself was dealing with new feelings himself, showing them outwardly for the first time in his life. "Take care you two. I'll never forget what you've done for us. Your people are forever endebted to you, Prince Vegeta." He held the device up and pushed a button, which made it hum and whir rhythmically. As he started to phase out of site, Rico smiled and gave the Saiyan farewell sign, similar to the human "peace" sign, only with the index and middle fingers held together.

They stood there for what seemed like hours, looking at the spot where their friend and compatriot had just been. It wasn't every day that Vegeta had family come for a visit, especially family from another dimension. Bulma smiled at the thought, and turned to look at her Prince. She was surprised to see him already staring at her. Blushing, she spoke. So, how long have you been staring at me?"

"Not long enough, Bulma-chan." Ever the man of few words, even that little statement succeeded in what he wanted it to do. It made her smile.

After a moment and much more blushing, Bulma gathered her wits and responded. "Thank you, Vegeta. Thank you for coming after me. I knew the whole time you would, but all the same, I owe you one for this."

"You don't owe me a thing, woman. But you could do me one favor."

"What's that?"

"Learn how to cook a decent tasting meal every once in a while."

"Vegeta!" She smacked him in the shoulder, annoyed but amused. He was right, after all. Even she wouldn't eat her own cooking sometimes. "I'll see what I can do, alright?"

"Fair enough. Now, are we going to stand here on this island looking like tourists? Or are we going to go home already?"

Wrapping her arms around his muscular neck, she settled into his arms and got ready for takeoff. "Whenever you're ready, Vegeta. Let's go home."

Nodding, Vegeta powered up his Ki and lept into the air, headed back home after a short, and very odd, vacation.

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