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  Welcome to Eric's Writer's Lounge. Here, you can find my FanFics, as well as others I have read and enjoyed. Also, I plan on reviewing many and giving an honest opinion. This means I won't be brutal, but I will be honest. I've got links to all the resources you need to find FanFiction on the Internet, and even a Writer's FAQ for people thinking of getting into the game.

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Chibi E-Chan Sez "Hey!"
09-04-2002 - Woah! An update! YES! And with good reason. A request has been made of me, and I'm both humbled and honored to grant it. Tiffy-Chan, the keeper of Eternal Kiss, has asked to host "Gundam Wing: Hearts Entwined" at her site. While it's not up as of the time I post this, it will be soon. She is in the process of moving from Anglefire, and her content will be coming soon. She deffinately has more time than I do!

Updates to the site this time around include the addition of links to Eternal Kiss on the Links and GW:HE pages (this news post won't last forever, ya know), and I'd also like to announce that The Lounge is going to be getting a makeover! New mascots, a new title (Eric's Anime Lounge: FanFiction and Info) , and a whole new look based on the New Design for my home base site, Rancho Relaxo, which I'm launching tomorrow! The DBZ:UR site will also be getting the same type of design, and it's actually the first site I staretd remaking in that style. That's coming once UR is finished (which won't be long now, I promise).

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